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UAB "IT Algoritmas", company code 303504453


IT Algoritmas is marketing and lead generation company. We are located in European Union, Vilnius, Lithuania, but work with partners around the world.

IT Algoritmas uses high-tech strategies, foremost software and special researches to help our partners to grow their business. Whether you want to generate more leads or advertise more products or services this bundle delivers steadfast significant results. No matter the industry, IT Algoritmas gives results!


Our Mission


To use a mixture of unique technologies and intelligent people to deliver the best result.


Our Values


At IT Algoritmas, we value Innovation, Integrity and Passion. These merits are reflected in our corporate culture.

Innovation - We differ from the others because the innovation is a central corporate focus. We are not in the business of delivering "good enough" - we require advanced solutions.

Integrity - We build the relationships with our partners and employees following the rules of honesty and fairness.

Passion - You should know that IT Algoritmas is passionate about its craft. We like what we do!


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